Pittsburgh car accident lawyer

Who wants to go to trial? Not many, but some truck accident cases have to go this route because the insurance company is disputing liability. Here are a few reasons why truck accident cases go to trial.

The insurance company disputes liability

Often times a truck accident involves an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. This means that the insurance company disputes liability. In these cases, the insurance company will have to prove its case of why the accident is not being paid for by the insurance company through Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer. It takes time because there are many legal issues that the insurance companies have to deal with.

The plaintiff is not ready to settle

In truck accident cases, it is rare for a judge to order a settlement at the table without anyone’s lawyer present. This means that the plaintiff must be willing to settle. If the insurance company is willing to do business and decide liability before trial, the insurance company poses a real threat of winning.

The insurance company wants to settle

The insurance company says it does not want to go to trial, but what are the reasons for this? Sometimes it is because of a conflict of interest or because there is a chance for serious damage by going at trial, but often times it is because they believe they can win.

Pittsburgh car accident lawyer

Thorough discovery has occurred

In truck accident cases, the insurance company must be ready for discovery and prepare for it. If the insurance company is not ready, it will lose by default. Discovery involves getting documents and depositions from people and companies that may be involved in the accident. Some of these documents include medical records, maintenance records, surveillance video records and more. The way to deal with a thorough discovery process is to deal with every item that comes up early in pretrial court while you can do this before trial.

Trial is a better forum than settlement

Trial is the only option when it comes to finding out the truth or falsity of an insurance company’s claim. A settlement at this kind of a time will be decided by judges who are usually biased toward plaintiffs. Truck accident cases are settled all the time, but there are times when settlements must occur for reasons that have nothing to do with the case itself.