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Pennsylvania is one of the 15 states where residents have the power of Energy Choice. Energy Choice gives Pennsylvania residents the opportunity to choose their own electricity provider, which means that savvy consumers can save big on their monthly utility bills. Utility companies are still responsible for delivering electricity, maintaining power lines and billing customers. However, residents can save big on their bills by choosing an alternative electric supplier, who generates the electricity and resells it to consumers.

When pennsylvania power switch residents shop for a new electricity provider, they can choose between fixed or variable rates. Fixed rate plans offer a consistent price per kilowatt hour, while variable rate plans have rates that fluctuate according to market conditions. The goal of PA Power Switch is to educate Pennsylvania residents on both options, so they can make an informed decision and find the best plan for their needs.

Residential consumers can find a variety of electric rates and plans through the Pennsylvania Power Switch website. This website helps consumers understand the state’s deregulated energy marketplace, and offers helpful information about how to shop for a new supplier, how to read and understand your utility bill and more.

The average household in Pennsylvania consumes 10,402 kWh of electricity each year. This amount is lower than the national average of 11,900 kWh. The majority of households in the state are single family homes, with just over 20% of households being apartments or mobile home parks. The state is also home to seventeen Fortune 500 companies, which require a significant amount of electricity.

In 2020, renewable sources generated about 4% of the state’s total energy production. This includes biomass, wind and solar energy. Residents can support renewable energy production by choosing a supplier that offers green power options. Many energy providers offer green electricity, so it’s easy to find a plan that meets your needs.

Using an online portal to compare electricity rates and plans is the easiest way to shop for a new energy provider. EnergyBot has developed a robust platform that uses historical energy usage data to determine the best electricity rates in your area. The platform also enables consumers to easily switch to a new provider, without having to change any equipment or wiring in their homes.

Once Pennsylvania residents have decided on an electricity plan, they can contact their utility company to initiate service. In most cases, the process can be completed in a few minutes, and there are no changes to utility services or customer service. If there are any problems, the new electricity supplier will contact your current provider to cancel your account and handle all the paperwork for you. Most energy suppliers require deposits, but some do not and will waive these fees for qualified applicants. The PA Power Switch website provides more information about these programs, and is a great resource for anyone looking to save money on their monthly utility bills.