Buying a home

Given the above premises, we take the liberty of providing some useful advice to those who have decided to buy a house under construction. A first piece of advice is to get well informed about the history, solidity and reliability of the company. For example, you could request a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, which is useful for knowing the date of incorporation of the company

It could also be verified whether the company is engaged in the construction of other buildings and in particular whether the works are proceeding smoothly there. In some cases, it might even be a good idea to visit one of these properties. Just as it would be advisable to check that the land is buildable and owned by the construction company and that the necessary building permits have been issued. If you decide to purchase, we recommend:

verify that the builder is covered by a bank guarantee and ten-year insurance;

carefully read the specifications and the preliminary contract.

Finally, it is better to be wary of houses under construction that are offered with significant discounts on the price, it could be an indication that the construction company is going through a moment of financial difficulty. Just as we advise not to make undeclared payments (in the event of bankruptcy of the company the related sums could never be recovered) and to always request the invoice together with the payment of each advance.

In the next paragraphs we will focus in particular on two documents of fundamental importance: the specifications and the preliminary purchase contract

Lastly, the right of pre-emption has been introduced in favor of the buyer in the event of the property being sold by auction, even if the latter has already enforced the surety.

But the buyer could also face other problems when he decides to buy a house under construction. Thus it could happen that at the end of the works – which lasted for months or even years – some characteristics of the house are different from those indicated in the specifications or in any case agreed between the buyer and the company. Just as it could happen that the delivery times of the property are extended beyond the established ones, causing many inconveniences to the buyer.